Being a European Pre owner, I have just updated to 1.3.1 (very nice) and what has struck me is the ease of update compared to updating Windows Mobile. I used to regularly flash cooked ROMs on my WM phone (since the official updates from HTC or Microsoft were VERY few and far between).

With my Pre, the entire process is a one touch affair, I accept the install prompt and 15 minutes later there is my updated Pre with all the apps installed, all the PIM data intact, all the links to various exchange servers, facebook etc. set up, all my SMS still there - its my Pre as it was before the update but better!.

With WM, you have to install the update, then set up your PIM sync again, then re-install your apps, then reselect your favourites (like stocks, weather locations etc. then use a third party app to restore your SMS threads etc. etc. the whole porces used to take me an hour!

Don't get me wrong - I would not wish to pull down WM - it served me well for many years, but getting the Pre has shown me just how high the bar is in the Smartphone market - Microsoft need to make WM7 really special if they want to stay in the game.