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    yeap, just going back over how many people gave this guy NO credibility at all is just ridicoulous because everybody wanted to be the "Palm Pre Expert" and know what does and does not exist. All i can do is shake my head at alllllllllllllllllll the nay sayers against the OP
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    If only Casperstar were to come back and feed us some new bits of info. That would be cool. I also believed in Modular he had some good intel, he hasn't posted in awhile.
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    I'm hoping we can get some leaks of new hardware soon.
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    Most likely the people that originally leaked the information were somehow silenced. Breaking or coming close to breaking an NDA is grounds for legal action, no matter how you look at it. I hope for their sake they did not have to suffer such ill fate.
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    Personally, I STILL think it's fake...but that's just me.
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