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    I think my phone locks up about once every 3-4 days now. It's totally random. It doesn't matter what I'm doing or if it's in use or idle. The menu system works but no applications run and you have to pull the battery to reboot it.

    The most annoying thing is having to remove the protective case to pull the battery.

    No mod's were installed.
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    Once or twice a month. But I reset it on my own like every two days.
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    sorry.. but.. never. i do occasionally get the "random" luna reset which is very annoying.. still trying to find the real culprit
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    Don't remember the last time but I do reset my Pre every few days to clear any memory issues.
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    I've can't remember a time when my device completely locked up...
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    launch day pre, never has
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    once right after I loaded the power saver cpu patch lol but that's it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crash712us View Post
    launch day pre, never has
    Same here.
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    mine hasnt been locking up completely sometimes it will freeze for about 8 seconds then catch itself, however since 1.3.1 it has lagged then luna will reset itself, completly annoying. seems to happen when i have the browser open then click on a youtube link. as soon as it wants to start playing the youtube video it decides it wants to reset itself.
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    Mine has a few times...not enough to cause a major concern. I take it as the pre just needs a reeboot every 2 days or so to freshen her up.
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    Mine will occasionally "freeze up" for about 10 seconds after I get done downloading a new app, or sometimes when I try opening too many things at once. Other than that, save for a few bad patches I installed, it's generally pretty solid.
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    never locks up, I never reboot it either.
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    I've never had it lock up, had it crash and restart luna twice in the four or so months I've had it.
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    once in two months. At least that's how my fuzzy brain cells remember it
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    Haven't had a single lockup, but have only got mine since last friday. Have done 1 doctor in the beginning for making the QWERTZ a QWERTY keyboard, and 1 update. (German GSM version). Running the CPU Scaling as well, VK installed, and I think 2 more patches but that's it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by d.moss View Post
    sorry.. but.. never. i do occasionally get the "random" luna reset which is very annoying.. still trying to find the real culprit
    +1, not sure what causes this!
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    I just had my first luna reset today and have had the bluetooth audio stop working me on (requiring a manual reset via Orange+Sym+R, just disabling and reenabling bluetooth wouldn't do it) two or three times now. A bit annoying, but for three months use I'm not going to complain, especially after the experiences with my previous Treo's!
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    Mine never has, though only two to three times (launch day Pre) it has restarted itself while using the Web browser. My Centro had more issues than this thing.
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