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    I just doctored my phone, and when it restarted I saw that I had 5 launcher pages like I did before the doctor...

    None of the apps like Preware were restored obviously, but the pages were there. Is that something new?
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    that happened to me too, I had to reinstall preware to fix it
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    I had the same thing happen to me. It is because your palm profile stored a cookie to remember which pages your apps were on. Since the add/delete pages patch just uncomments code, it is reasonable to assume that webos already knows to make 5 pages if that's the number you have backed up.
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    me too, 7 pages after doctor.
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    Yeap ! this is after 1.3.1 update.
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    Same's too bad they dont backup the webpages you have saved to your launcher.. I have a page on nice-looking launcher shortcuts that I had to redo...what a pain!
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    Yep, Palm added icon placement to the cloud, so if you have multiple pages, then you're gonna have them when you Doctor it.

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