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    ah another thing, no mention about paid apps.

    and at the end of the chat he "has suggested" me to use third party apps, so i dont like the future of our app catalog.

    I think we all the european users should claim to palm to have the same app catalog as the US users.
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    If i were you id replace the app catalog with the old 1.1.3, still seeing all apps fine here on my 1.3.1 sprint pre.

    However its odd palm have not enabled paid apps, hope this issue is addressed soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow-360 View Post
    can anyone confirm if they can enter cc info in preferences in the app catalog? just a thought...
    I don't seem to have a Preferences menu option in the App Catalog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewP View Post
    I don't seem to have a Preferences menu option in the App Catalog.

    Sorry my mistake, must have been confused with a U.S app catalog or some sort.

    Hmmm, dont think paid apps in this update then.
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    You may have lost apps with the App Finder app on 1.3.1 (non-US), because of two reasons.

    1 - Many apps that were free, have converted to pay. This effectively removes them from the catalog.

    2 - Developers did not release free/demo versions outside the US, because the pay version is not available outside the US. (I fall into the category.) I didn't want people to get bored or frustrated with only getting the Demo and no upgrade.

    I would think that 1.3.1 give you the ability for paid apps without another WebOS update, the apps just have to be made visible. (Palm controls visibility by Country, Language, and Device, I believe.)

    I hope you guys get paid apps soon.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wuzz View Post
    Does anyone still have MotionApps Classic in the App store? Also Tweefree has gone too. The two main applications I use a lot of. I'm rather annoyed to say the least!
    Very annoyed about Classic disappearing, I've paid for it! There is a version of TweeFree in Preware that I'm using
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    So I'm wondering why does palm hate their european customers?
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    I contacted palm myself tonight. I was told there was no timeframe for us to receive them and there may be an update in the future.

    This is hardly comforting. I think ill wait for it to come out of beta and see what happens then but I think if we havent had any news on whether we will receive it by the new year my phone will likely end up on ebay. I was all for supporting a new handset and OS, willing to stick with it through the teething troubles but to have access to all the useful third party apps forbidden, that just stinks. All were going to have in the new year at this rate is a fancy looking phone with a web browser which makes nice calls, sends texts and has a farting app.
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