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    I had to go back to 1.1.3

    Waiting for this to be fixed.
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    Just reading some German forums. Some mention that vodafone live is a WAP service. If that's true then the carrier DB data settings should reflect WAP, not internet. Is it WAP or Internet?
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    Not sure, but in that case, why would 1.1.3 and 1.2.1 with the exact same setting work?
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    One reason I could think off is,
    - If the carrier DB entry had to be changed, for apn,pw,user
    - AND also Supported Service has/was changed for try outs of 0,1,2,4 (should be 2 for WAP I believe)
    That by interference manual settings in PALMDB contains wrong/old settings, depending on what moment the settings were copied (manual setting were first activated). That could be the 1.3.1 factor.
    It's a wild guess I agree.
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    I'm almost 100% certain I at least tried once with an 1.3.1 CarrierSettings.db3 file, so any changes in the database should be covered. I'm having a little difficulty assuming that the value of a existing column would've changed, but I'll probably try some other Supported Service settings this weekend, unless somebody else beats me to it ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ozuzo View Post
    .... I'm having a little difficulty assuming that the value of a existing column would've changed....;-)
    You are right, fields change as instructed. However, in case of manual settings there is a third database involved, see And entries in that DB do not change once they exist, I believe.

    One way to check which database and record is in use, is changing the voicemail settings in all 3 databases to different values. Then check the VM displayed in phone prefs. You can go forth and back by setting/clearing manual settings.

    This entry in the 3-rd DB does not exist, I believe, if one gets an error message like 'can not save...' manual settings. Just for the record: I also noticed code that checks the version of the carrier DB's and inserts new 1.3.1 columns when it discovers a 1.2 version carrier DB. Nice work Palm!
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    have you tested 1.3.5 firmware?
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    O2's network is shoddy at the best of times, I wouldn't be surprised if the data side of their network is down and your blame is misplaced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pacosal View Post
    have you tested 1.3.5 firmware?
    Same problem. Although webos-internals' Rob says the GSM modem doesn't get updated on Sprint's firmware anymore.
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    I have updated to 1.4 webos,and i can't enter settings for vodafone uk,it keeps saying can't write,i am using some kind of black sim unlocker behind the vodafone sim,i can make calls,i can see a R,guess that might be roaming,but roaming is disabled,anyone have this problem?
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    I use Croatian Tele2 SIM card & its not in database.
    Then, I edited CarrierNetworkSettings.db3 file (used HTelekom - now T-mobile HR) and changed mcu & MNC to 219 2 and just replaced APN with which is for postpay users.
    It worked like a charm!
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    I canīt activate my Palm PrPrPré.
    I use O2 Slovakia, please can you help me?
    Iīm on start, create palm profile and etc, and when I wrote to Internet APN: o2internet it, canīt write it, or it wrote me wrong APN...please help me. I tried to use webos doctor,, but it donīt know recognize my device, please help.
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