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    i just got a exchange for my pre today. the problem with my old one was stuck on the palm screen for about six hours. and now that i have a fresh out of the box pre,im debating on if i should update to 1.3.1. where as it currently has 1.1.0 on it. any words of wisdom? dont know how long i can wait before it updates on its on.
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    After I updated my pre to 1.3.1 i dropped it off of my balcony. First it hit the balcony floor - the case popped off - then it bounced through the railing down 25ft to the pavement below. Only a small bit of plastic chipped from the top, which is held on by my screen protector, and it now has a bit of an oreo effect. Everything else is in perfect condition.

    long story short... 1.3.1 makes the pre invinsible

    But if youre sketch about it go to the sprint store and tell them to update it for you. That way if it screws up theyll give you a replacement right away ^_^
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    My update has worked fine - once I got my themes and patches updated, too.

    Come on in - the water's fine!
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    any words of wisdom?
    Yep...update your phone.

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