OK, so I web doctored my phone today with 1.3.1. I had used Meta doctor to give myself a 2gb /var partition. I chose to not bypass activation.

Before update I had used the add / remove pages from launcher patch. I had about 6 launcher pages. I used the EPR app to remove all patches before the doctor. Don't know why, I just did.

Part of the reason for the doctor is because I had doctored my phone with 1.3.1 from the developer build before the general release. A couple things were acting a little strange like the number of apps I see in the app catalog. (No the doctor today didn't fix that issue)

Well anyhow after I doctored and entered my palm profile information It spent a lot of time restoring my settings and apps. When it was done, I opened the launcher, and was in shock to see that I still had 6 launcher pages with various apps throughout the pages.

Now the launcher did not have the add / remove pages enabled, but the palm profile backup restored the app location settings from my launcher at the last backup.

I also was one who after doctoring to 1.3.1 the first time I lost all of my palm profile contact information. After this doctor, the restore appears to have restored more information this time. I did have to remove my email accounts and re-add the accounts to get those to work right.

Ultimately I was very surprised to see it had remembered the app launcher pages.