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    After viewing a few Youtube videos, Palm Pre chokes and becomes very unresponsive. It happened twice in the last 10 hours. I didn't wait more than 5 minutes before rebooting. Within those 5 minutes, it was very unresponsive. I had to press reset - restart sequence several times and no response. I finally tried reset - shutdown and then it worked. This is terrible.

    Palm needs to improve hardware and memory (RAM) performance in general.

    I wish they had learn all these lessons from Iphone of last two years. You make a good phone period. It can be expensive but has to be good. People are buying these smartphones even though they are expensive. People care about quality and they will pay for that quality. I mean why use slow cpu and small RAM and impact performance to save a few bucks?

    Have you folks experienced this?
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    yup happens to me all the time something is conflicting
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    The only problem I had while trying cause I haven't notice a issue with is the ui shut down and rebooted. I say the ui cause only took 30 sec and my pre was back up and running but since then I watch several youtube vids for about 15mins no more issues
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    Yep, it happens to me. When it's doing this, it also drains the battery in less than an hour. To top that off, it's not charging now. It will charge with the original charger only, and then it takes it a while to actually charge. This is accompanied by a great deal of heat from the battery.

    I guess I'm lucky - this is only my second Pre. But it sounds like I'm well on my way to a third!
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    this issue has just started happening to me the other day. A few days ago, videos would take forever to load and then give up, giving me an error. So I installed the patch to download utube videos and that was a good work around for a time. The videos might have taken a wile to download but atleast the pre wasn't giving up. And youtube videos have only just started to make my pre restart, which started just with me trying to watch the video from pre centrals.main page about webgl. Now my phone is rebooting every once in a long wile, sometimes triggered by utube, sometimes not.

    what gives?
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    Yea, mine too reboots when watching youtube videos since the update. Not every time, maybe 1 out of 10 times. Still, never happened before this update.
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    I am not too scientifical, thorough, or methodistic, so am not to be trusted verbatim, but I think this has been happening to me since b4 the update. Same as last post, 10% of the time. Quick self restart and it is happy again.
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    Wow mines has been doing this too... Very annoying when the videos take forever to load... They need to fix this bug asap.... Mines also is shutting down now as well..
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    From what I've observed, it seems to be the video player in general, not isolated to Youtube. I encountered the exact same symptoms trying to play a video saved off of Youtube as well as one from the Onion News Network podcast that had nothing to do with Youtube.
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    Similar symptoms with mine, half the time after using YouTube or Videos the Pre gets a lot less response and sucks the battery down even more than usual... reboot (Orange + Sym + R) fixes it. Not sure if it started after 1.3.1 or after I installed the YouTube download patch, been meaning to remove the patch and see what happens but keep forgetting to get around to it.
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    Me too, with youtube, and only with longer videos (>1 or 2 minutes) it will not respond even to a home button press! It's like my phone gets Really into showing a video and can't stop! It's....addicted to YT. Freezes and then poof restarts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jshamoon View Post
    Yea, mine too reboots when watching youtube videos since the update. Not every time, maybe 1 out of 10 times. Still, never happened before this update.
    Same here! At least we know it'a not our individual phones crapping out.
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    I had this happen before CPU patches, currently I'm running a 550Mhz Smartreflex patch and I haven't seen the issue come up but I've been trying to be safe with youtube by closing out other cards if I'm gonna play something. Something is definitely wrong.
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    I am also having this problem. The video player becomes unresponsive then Luna restarts. There must be a mssive memory leak in the new media stack Palm included with 1.3.

    As a test you could SSH into the Pre from a computer and run top to watch how much memory and CPU the video decoders are using in realtime.
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    mine has done this too. One time mine froze while iwas on the net, listening to music, and got a phone call. No buttons would respond.
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    I hate to do this, but I'm gonna go ahead and be "that guy" and say that I'm pretty sure you mean your Pre chokes following use of YouTube

    Other than that... yeah I think everyone has this issue. Quite annoying.
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    I have only had this problem once but other than that it runs great.

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    no fixes? anyone think 1.3.5 will fix this?
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