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    it actually did not but, i just keep readin posts about complaints after 1.3.1 and really there is some problems after the update but now a days everyone blames everything on the update... but some of these problems were already here and heres a list of some:

    - pre backup - i read on a post and i forgot the user, but that post gave off the solution on the main page of pre central; update your pre to the version it was last backed up then restore the information. After the restore then update the pre to latest version. this really is a problem for palm, the backup info should be backwards compatible but its not (tear). this is currently the only solution (or google backup) for the contacts and this was here before 1.3.1.

    - stuck on headset mode - oh is this an annoying problem and has this happen to me since the first week of launch. is this a version problem no, hardware i think it is. phone calls do not work, and you have to use a speaker in order to communicate or blutooth; you have the dreaded stuck in headset mode issue. the one way to tell if it is stuck in headset mode, when a phone call is connected there are 4 buttons under the hangup button. if the first button (left to right) looks like a headphone, then the phone is in headset mode. to fix this just plug in and out the headset till the phone get fix. thats pretty much it, no resets will do at all, or none that i heard of working.

    -battery drain - to begin with the battery was a problem. not to me but a lot for people who use the phone and a lot just bought the seido batterys to give them more charge for the day. now has 1.3.1 increased battery drain i dont think so, nothin that will dramatically go into and blame the update. i do have yahoo and gtalk runnin in the background, sides im running on EVDO. so there is a reason for battery to be used up due to background usage.

    -pandora quality - i have to bash on this i just cant pass it, the past update did not even mess with ear piece configuration, or if anything the app pandora. seriously the quality was never good, but works good for me to use at home and on the daily drive.

    -patches/homebrew app - the patches/homebrew app really are not top priority for Palm, if they release an update they are not goin to make it virtual keyboard compatible, or mythether compatible. that is not their department. the developers can update it to the current version to make their work compatible, but again it is not a must. but the homebrew devs are nice enough to update their programs and thanks for the hard work devs much appriciated.

    also a quick tip

    this warning been on since the release of patches and some people are smart enough to install them, but not smart enough to remove them. something is wrong with that when people buy a smartphone and the user not so smart. yes some may work with the update others may not, but for safety remove patches.

    thats all i can give at the moment, some problems are solvable, and the way to solve them is to get on your knees and use the search function.. plus answer a genius question while attempting to search. but really these are common problems, and with an everyday problem there is a solution.
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    You should be thankful you missed the game if you are a steelers fan.

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    i did not miss it, and it was a good game till Big Ben got injured
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    I would have thought the score ruined the game.
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    Let's not talk about that game.

    .... Stupid Special Teams.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laelipoo View Post
    Let's not talk about that game.

    .... Stupid Special Teams.
    +1 the hell with the helping of common problem i need help understanding how on earth did the special teams messed up this game.

    first with the kickoff return for a TD. really nothing i expected from the steelers, maybe the cowboys but not the steelers
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    Go chiefs!!!!!!

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