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    this should be a sticky
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    If you roam a lot then updating your PRL might perhaps help your battery life if you are in a fringe coverage area, if the previous PRL was forcing you onto a network with a lower signal than the new one does.

    Having a stronger signal because of a newer PRL might perhaps speed up the phone if you are in a fringe coverage area, since the phone does have a tendency to become jittery when it's flipping back and forth between networks.

    Draining the battery might perhaps help to recalibrate the battery if something got out of whack and you weren't being allowed to access its full capacity.

    Draining the battery will absolutely not damage it. The battery has intelligent circuitry to prevent it from ever draining to a point that would brick it -- as every rechargeable lithium ion battery has.

    Tossing these steps together as a magical fix for everyone's bad battery life is rather superstitious Very few people will be helped by this; the rest are experiencing a placebo effect.
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    alright. Call it a placebo effect or call it a fix... I noticed a huge difference. At first I told myself this wouldnr help anything, but so far so good!

    I took my phone off charger at 6:45am and I have been using it the entire time. Checked precentral, twitter, etc. Adjusted my alarm... It's been 2 hours and I finally bumped down to 95%. Was at 97 for the longest time. Oh well, here's to hoping.
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    So far I have achieved success on 3 different Pre's using this process. Smoother running, snappier, and battery life not draining like it was. For whatever reason, it works! Good luck.
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    I'm with bell.. I put it to bell only. We will see if this helps any... Hmmm
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    I don't know? I didn't see a notable difference. And immediately after I did the update and reset my Pre, my Pre was sluggish, back to normal now though. Good post though, it probably makes sense to be on the correct PRL, however for what I do not know, lol. Why wouldn't the PRL update automatically?
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    my house has a lower signal than the rest of my town, when i updated the prl the phone jumped to full signal strength then about a minute late it fell flat back to 2 bars again. This has to be a problem with the radio power management or something as it seems my house is capable of recieving full strenght. i havent noticed any speed increases however just this little find
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    Ive always had full bars in my area. I figured I would try what the OP suggested and it seems my battery life has imporved. Thanx
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    so update, then drain battery, then recharge?
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    After I got the PRL to reset to the correct number, I worked my phone til the battery was almost dead. Then recharge fully and go from there!
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    I would assume this PRL number won't work for Bell users.... plz correct me if i am wrong.
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    I tried the reset and after 4 hours still waiting to drain my down battery (at 78%).
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    Quote Originally Posted by lancelot916 View Post
    from a Palm representative over chat for solution on batter drain after 1.3.1:

    9:02 PM Steve: PLease run interactive test on device while charging the device.
    9:02 PM Steve: Open the Launcher and tap Device Info.
    9:02 PM Steve: Tap More Info.
    9:03 PM Steve: Tap on top left corner of the device screen.
    9:03 PM Steve: Open the application menu and tap Interactive Tests.
    9:03 PM Steve: Select the test to run.
    9:03 PM Steve: Once the test is done, please restart the device and then you can charge the battery for 2 hours and that will solve the issue.
    9:04 PM Steve: Press and hold Power and slide the Ringer switch three times to restart the phone. The phone may take a few minutes to restart.
    9:09 PM me: so what you are saying is by running the tests and then restarting the phone it will be fine?
    9:09 PM me: how does running a test help? recalibration?
    9:10 PM Steve: That should work fine as many of our customers solved the issue.
    K, little confused on this. Which test did the rep have you run? If you select power, well, then there's three more options to choose from post that...
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    Same here, which test?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chancekang View Post
    I would assume this PRL number won't work for Bell users.... plz correct me if i am wrong.

    I'm with bell as well and my PRL is listed as 31408. I assume if I change it to the one listed it'll be a Sprint phone. hehehe

    anybody have any info?
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    For what its worth, did this earlier today and it seems as though battery drain is less.
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    I already felt like I was getting improved battery life after 1.2.1, finding myself charging my phone less often so I'm excited to see how this improves my battery life even more!
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    Hey, so i did this and i have a new icon with a phone and 6 dots underneath it. i forgot what it means. and why?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevlars9 View Post
    Hey, so i did this and i have a new icon with a phone and 6 dots underneath it. i forgot what it means. and why?
    you try searching the forums?
    it's TTY, under phone preferences just turn it off.
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