View Poll Results: What have you experienced after updating to 1.3.1?

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  • To many cards open error

    25 73.53%
  • Not enough memory error

    9 26.47%
  • USB has malfunctioned, or is not recognized by PC

    3 8.82%
  • Battery icon shows charging when not connected to usb or charger

    1 2.94%
  • Web and/or swiping cards unusally laggy (Wifi not as fast either)

    18 52.94%
  • Dropping more calls randomly than ever, (or phone not connecting as quickly)

    7 20.59%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Having some new issues surface after the dust has settled with 1.3.1, anyone else?

    -EDIT** Should have also added email being very unreliable lately, either password incorrect, or just not getting email as it arrives anymore ...
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    i have a completely different issue since updting where my phones screen wont dim or turn off when idle needless to say its a serious battery drain and saerious heat issue
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    I have to re-enter my e-mail password (microsoft exchange server) too frequently.

    Why couldn't I just enter it once and be done with it... like it was before I downloaded 1.3.1?

    I now fail to get important e-mails unless I remember to enter my password every couple of hours.

    Even once I have entered my password several times in a row (only seconds apart) I stilll get a warning message that I haven't done so. My e-mail does download after the first or second time, but it is frustrating to keep getting warned only moments after I have punched that password in.
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    I've had absolutely no problems and my phone seems to run quicker.
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    Good post to let others konw what problems are going on.
    Suggest changing to another title in order to let more people vote.
    Like "Vote for problems of 1.3.1. See whether you are alone. "
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    Quote Originally Posted by cowgirlupkelly View Post
    I've had absolutely no problems and my phone seems to run quicker.
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    I too am having issues with my Exchange password - telling me Login Credentials Rejected all the time - so frustrating!
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    Good idea about the vote title, but there is a poll icon next to the original title now, (how can i edit the poll?) Mods help to include, email issues, and random screen brightness, as well as thread title change to above, Vote for problems using 1.3.1 ..

    I also should have added, screen randomly gets super bright on its own
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spader View Post
    same here no probs at all, there should be a no problems in poll
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    No problems.

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