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    This frickin device is gettin on my nerves It is asking me to reenter my contacts, gmail, and calander passwords but when i do, it tells me its incorrect I delete the profile and enter the password with no problem but soon after that i get the same damn problem FTW!!!!!!!!
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    Somebody HELP before i throw this POS at the wall!!!
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    I'm having this problem right now too. Only did it last night and tonight, during the day was OK. Maybe google is messing with their exchange servers... Someone said do to the menu where you can auto update carrier settings and try that.
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    it's not your device...there's some glitch with google. There are many posts regarding this. Do a search in the forums and you'll find the link to re-authorize your google account. You'll most likely have to do it on a computer.

    Edit: I did the dirty-work for you. See this thread post:
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    It's not only Google. I have Microsoft Exchange. I am prompted to re-enter my password about 7 times a day. Driving me nuts.

    It only seems to stay relevant about 2 hours. Even once I have added my password and my e-mail begins to download, the prompt to put in my password does not go away?!

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