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    Soooo the only way I can hear on my phone is if I put it on speaker!! Ive had so many problems with this phone! Im about ready to throw it out the window and get a htc! Anyone have any idea what might be wrong with it?
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    sounds like your earpiece is dead.
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    Have you tried plugging in the headset then unplugging it? Seems to have been an issue (and solution) for others in the past.
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    I'll give you $20 for it.
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    I had the same exact problem. I coud here nothing from the earpiece, but also no music or pandora would work from the speaker either. It would work in bluetooth but not standalone. I took it back to sprint under warranty and they looked at it and gave me a new one. It was a obvious hardware, not software problem. Hope you got a warranty...
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    I was experiencing the issue with my speaker. I tried putting the ear plug jack into the phone and got nothing. Then I turned on Pandora and put the ear piece in and out a few times and it started working again. I'm not sure whats up maybe it's something with pandora.

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