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    Since writing the above, I've been reminded of more annoyances.

    A good example of how this overpriced piece of junk makes my life more difficult almost on an hourly basis occurred today.

    I left an expensive piece of audio equipment at a gig last night. I had to try and get hold of various people to find it. This is how the Palm Pre made the situation more difficult than even a 50 handset:

    No MSN messenger so couldn't leave the house until I got a reply from someone on there for whom I have no phone number.

    When I did get the person's phone number from someone else, it came as a vcard but I was unable to save it, or even copy and paste the number from the messaging app to create a new contact. I had to find a pen and paper when I was out to write it down. Not ideal.

    After speaking to the person, I tried to add this most recent phone number to their contact card. I used the new number to add to contacts and wanted to delete the old one, however as there is no way to choose to save over the old number, only next to it so now I have 2 numbers for them as I don't know which is the new one is. Calling and asking will make me look like a goon.

    I am sick to death of this badly thought out OS. It has made my life so much less convenient. It's like going back in time 6 years and wrestling with Windows Mobile 2003 all over again. Anything that makes WM2003 looks good... well... need I say more?
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    I was a *huge* proponent of Windows Mobile, but I don't miss my Touch pro at all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by diomark View Post
    I was a *huge* proponent of Windows Mobile, but I don't miss my Touch pro at all!

    I would never say I loved Windows Mobile. It wasn't until after loads of fiddling with ROMS and Windows 6.5 that I really liked my Touch Pro, or would have even considered it reliable. I never really thought it was a pretty OS and certainly wasn't finger friendly.

    However with hindsight, having to fiddle loads to get it to do what I want and occasionally use the stylus is better than not being able to do anything and having a phone that runs an OS that no-one is interested in developing for other than the 200 card games and calculators.

    I swear, next time I'm typing a text and the 'enter pin code' screen pops up on my Pre, I'm going to throw it out of the window. Other than an OK browser, and looking pretty, the Pre doesn't amount to much in my eyes.

    It's really embarassing when all my iPhone buddies are browsing away and I can't even load Facebook.
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    I do very much enjoy the Pre, but the things I miss most are:

    1. Real, versatile, precise cut and paste that works everywhere.
    2. Google Latitude
    3. Native customization of sounds/alerts
    4. A file manager
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    Quote Originally Posted by mike_freegan View Post
    i never thought i'd miss windows mobile, as i always assumed it was an unfinished mess compared to other products. However my touch pro with hacked wm6.5 flashed to it felt far more complete (and unfortunately stable) than my pre.

    I guess the thing i miss most is being able to reliably make / receive calls without dropping a huge portion of them.

    Following that, the biggest thing i miss is sat nav, or even any way to add locations or layers to google maps, or use street view.

    I miss video recording more than i thought, and i miss nice, sharp, foucussed pictures.

    I miss being able to drag divx vids from my pc straight onto my phone, and play them back with tv out.

    I miss being able to take out the sd card and transfer files quickly. The pre's usb seems ridiculously slow.

    I miss editing word and excel documents on the fly.

    I miss copying text from the browser.

    I miss sending and receiving contact cards.

    I miss streaming media.

    I miss tethering, but i think i've almost solved that.

    I really miss being able to comment on photos on facebook. Friendflow, and won't let me do it. I can't get on or just as the pre redirects me to

    i know there's no point in complaining now, but these are all things that i either expected to be in the pre for the premium (hehe) price tag, or thought i could live without. Frankly i now hugely regret my purchase as i can't see what the pre does that a windows phone that costs 75 from expansys wouldn't do, other than pinch to zoom. Whoever said you can't polish a turd is wrong. This is the best looking piece of cr@p i've ever owned.
    a++++++++ x 1,000,000,000
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