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    I’m having a strange issue with my Pre, and was hoping someone here might have some insight.

    About a month or so ago, I coped a video file and several songs to my Pre (using it as a USB drive). They all play fine and without any trouble. I wanted to delete them the other day, but to my great surprise, I have been unable to do so.

    When I connect the Pre as a USB drive and search for them, they aren’t there. I can play them via the built-in music and video players, but the MP3 and video files can’t be found on the Pre. I’ve searched, manually checked every folder, un-hid system folders…nothing.

    I know at this point your saying “sorry dude, you’re just crazy, they HAVE to be there”. Well, I’ve had 3 folks I work with (who also have Pre’s) check it out to verify my sanity, and they have been unable to find these files as well.
    They HAVE to be there somewhere since I can play them, but I’ll be darned if I can find them.

    Out of desperation, I ran the WebOS Doctor to reset my phone to factory defaults (I assumed this would wipe and media). Worked fine, logged into my profile and re-synced with my Google account, but what do you know….the songs are still showing up in the player (and playable), but the files can’t be found. ARGH!!!!!!!!

    Any ideas?

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    i think 1.3.1 Doctor just wipes the OS, i dont think it touches the USB drive. Try the 1.2.1 doctor or do a full erase from the device itself
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    download WindirStat, its a foldersize alaysis software. you will see a recyler folder in your pre. Delete it and all the ghost songs will be gone.

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