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    I can't find a "sign in as invisible" option in the Pre Yahoo Messenger. All I see are Available, Busy, and Sign off. Is it there?
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    same here,i like that option.
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    I know it's not the same thing, but you can put in a custom message for your status such as "Just signed in on my phone" or "I'm not really here."
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    Just type in your status.."Invisible"
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    LOL! That reply gave me a laugh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bipoler View Post
    Just type in your status.."Invisible"
    I love it. +1 for creativity.

    Better yet, since (at least for me) I only use invisible to avoid one or two specific people, you could always put "Available, unless this is Paul."

    That would probably eliminate your need for invisible mode pretty quickly.

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    if there are just specific people you want to avoid most of the time .. from web messenger put those contacts on permanent stealth mode - they will always show you as invisible
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