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    3 months ago I was insulting the pre left and right but now after getting a pretty much perfect one hardware wise im sooooo happy I decided to get the pre again ! the pixi has flawless hardware that will probably stand the test of time, like how cockroaches will never die; neither will the pixi aha. well the 80 missing pixels on the pixi ARE very noticeable after switching back to the pre. the speaker is quite a bit louder on the pre as well. camera is way better! the loud keyboard clicks on the pixi actually bugged me so im glad to have the pre's wider, quieter keyboard back. AND THE SCREEN: it's just beautiful and doing everything on it is just so awesome again, especially watching music videos and such !

    so if you have been debating on whether or not to get rid of the pre just because the hardware isn't perfect, you should just try to get a replacement because once you get one that isn't defective you may fall in love.

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    i love my Pre and my bro loves his Pixi. different strokes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    i love my Pre and my bro loves his Pixi. different strokes.

    your brother probably isn't as into browsing and videos as I am. I consider myself to be quite a power user and definitely not a newb when it comes to smartphones. I had the motorola q (first thin smartphone) when I was only 14 years old lol >.<
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    we both are. both had Q's and BlackBerry's and whatnot.

    i think it helps to not have a lot of use time with the Pre first. when I got mine, he never played with it so when he got his Pixi he didn't notice the difference.

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