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    Ever since the 1.3.1 update, I'm getting a weird behavior in the photos app.

    Flipping through a bunch of photos, I'll get to a point where the next photo displays briefly (that preliminary fuzzy version we've become used to...), but rather than sharpening up, the entire screen will then go black. If I push the center button, the card minimizes to an all black card, with the rest of the interface displayed normally. With the screen black, swiping to shift photos refreshes the screen so that you can see the current photo as is slides over to view the next one.

    Anyone else seeing this?
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    I have had the exact same problem occur.
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    yep..usually occurs after it gets really laggy. This update has a few bugs for sure.
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    Noticed this also. Not the worst bug ever but kinda annoying.
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    Yep. You can just swipe to the next pic and it comes back. Funny thing is if you slowly swipe you can see the next pic start to slide in and the 'black' one move over as if it was just a black photo.
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    i have noticed that if you turn your phone sideways and back the pic shows. i dont think should not have to do things like this for our smartphone to work properly. but i guess nothing is ever perfect.

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