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    I had posted the following passage I'd written in a different thread, however I think it's particularly relevant when this forum has turned into a Pre bashing ground.

    *Many people have spoken about the number of times that they have had their pres replaced, countered by a number of people who state that they are still using their originals. We really cannot make any solid, broad conclusions based on any of the data that one may collect on a forum such as this, as many people, likely the majority, choosing to engage in discourse here may either be 1. looking to enhance the device (enthusiasts), or 2. seeking help online regarding a pertinent, albeit negative device issue. There also has been some discussion as to whether or not the community here is "pickier" than the general smart-phone community.

    THUUUUUUUS, we really don't know, and I think other posters have pointed this out before, but again, we really don't know how many people who have pres have had to return them due to "poor build quality" as the numbers aren't available to us. The amount of posts here swaying in one direction or another gives us no accurate picture, as the cohort, for those who are familiar with empirical, peer-reviewed scientific inquiry, is not randomized, uniform, controlled for confounds, nor is there is a standardized methodological approach in place, (i.e. just how far of a drop constitutes abuse, if there is a length at all from which a device may fall at all without enduring abuse, what method of data collection would be used: double-blind survey study? how is the pre user cohort at large randomized and represented appropriately, etc.) As for the precentral community members perhaps being "pickier" than others who own the pre and aren't engaged in forum discussion, another completely different study (double-blind?) would need to be conducted, again with controlled conditions.

    Really what I'm reiterating, is that our pre community here is much too niche-y and small when one attempts a comparison to the pre community at large not engaged in forum discussion and PERHAPS not experiencing "poor build quality" issues. A step toward making some sort of semblance of a salient hypothesis and/or research question would come with the release of statistics from Palm and Sprint, but that just isn't happening.
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    Agreed. I wonder what the actual demographic breakdown of Pre owners is. I'm probably totally off, but I imagine three main types of Pre owner:

    1. The geeks / enthusiasts who couldn't wait to get their hands on the phone (as well as those like me who got the phone, are unhappy with it, and are already jumping ship to another platform).

    2. The mouth breathers who walked into the Sprint store (or more likely Walmart) one day and either said "Ohhh, shiny" or "Yo dawg, dat phone be lookin tight - snap!".

    3. The soccer mom who has no idea what she bought because she blindly followed the advice of a Sprint rep.

    No doubt there are many more types but those are the big three that I picture when I think "Pre Owner".

    - Tate
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    my wife and i are neither of those breakdowns, we are in a breakdown of tired of using the free phones cause they just dont do all the snazy stuff.. so we have gotten our pres because when it was time to upgrade it was the best mobile version sprint offered. i have truly replaced my console once because my screen died.. but that was within a day of having the phone my wifes now doesnt like 1.3.1 update.. if palm fixes it like they have promised i would love to stand by my phone.. but then again.. if they dont.. im gonna demand a different phone.. but out of everything i am seeing the palms have the most adversity, you can do the most with them and thats what i like about them. you can download stuff and make your phone better than everyone else, and honestly palm is ok with this.. they wont brick your phone like the iphone and they wont turn off service like some of the other consoles ive heard of.. so over all i like this phone..
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    I like my phone. I guess im a geek, cuz i go to pre central at least 30 times a day if not more. Saying this there are a couple of things that i dont like(im not going to list those things now) Im very confident about palm getting better each month with updates. I have done plenty of things to my phone, but have i thought about going to a different phone? Nope not really, what can do m/task like the pre?, and we still got the best notification. Speed was an issue but 1.3.1 helped in music and pics, that was my main problem, I love my pre
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    THE PALM PRE IS EPIC! the only downfall is the one's that have noticeable dead pixels, but other than that the device is just amazing. the notifications are better than android which i didn't think was possible. the browser is quick and fun to use. the camera is really good for a cell phone point and shoot. design is compact yet not too small. the mirror is just plain awesome and quite useful at times too.

    as seven speed said, i also browse precentral quite a bit to see what's going on with the pre and what's changed and stuff (:

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