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    Since the update when I try and turn my phone off by holding down the top button>power off>shutdown/swap battery my phone just sits there, it won't turn off that way, my touchscreen works just fine.

    The only way I can turn the phone off is through
    device info>shut down

    Anyone else have this problem? I'm 2 seconds away from calling to replace the phone or taking it to a store (I work in Tech Support at Sprint and haven't had this call before and no one seems to know about it either)

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    Did you pull the battery, wait a minute, and put it back and restart?
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    hold your power button and pull the sound slider three times while holding the power button it will make an automatic restart of the phone and should reset your settings..
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    missclick: is your phone factory or have you modded it (patches/preware/etc?)
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    The problem is that 1.3.1 did not install correctly. either use Repair 1.72 or use webos doctor 1.3.1. This should solve your issue. Sometimes w/ OTA is the update is a large file like 1.3.1 some of the info/files gets corrupted even if you use wifi [note: I'm not saying OTA is bad, but if it has problems thats why]

    Good Luck
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    does anyone have any idea which file controls this shut down screen?
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    Let it sit there for a day or so. It will turn off all on it's own.

    Sorry, probably not the help you were looking for.
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    I have powercycled my phone, and ran the web os doctor, still won't tun off.... UGH...

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