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    I am a UK based o2 Pre user therefore using 1.1.3 and can't get the 1.3.1 update.

    When I make a call the screen goes completely green with no buttons at all on the screen, and the only way to end the call is to minimise the call screen and flick it away.

    This is not the proximity sensor blanking the screen, as it happens when I hold the pre in my hand and look at it.

    It seemed to start when I installed the close call with slider patch, but I'm not certain as before that I couldn't see it as I had the original screen protector on and the screen kept going blank during a call so I couldn't see what it was doing.

    Is this a known bug with 1.1.3 ? Is there any way round it ? I looked round the forums but can't find anything else about this, sorry if this has been asked before.

    Any help will be appreciated. I love the pre but this is annoying !
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    I just had this happen a few days ago with 1.3.1. I also dont have the close call on slider patch installed so its probably not specific to either of those. I just shut the phone down and pulled the battery for a few minutes and it started working again, not sure if you need to do all that, might start working with a luna restart but I didnt feel like trying multiple things so I just went straight for the battery. I was still able to answer calls and to dial numbers using universal search with that problem but I have only seen this problem once so I am not sure what caused it.
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    Took the battery out and that seems to have fixed it. I think I may try the slide to close patch again now and then will put an update. HagerDeath1 you brought life back to my calls - many thanks. Don't know where you are based but early morning here so thanks for fast reply. These is a good forum which means good users, which means you !

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