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    Hi all,

    I bought my Pre on Halloween 2009, so I'm well within both the warranty and the 30-day Sprint guarantee.

    Today, I had to take a friend home so I used Sprint Navigation to find her house and then the same program to find my way home. I have had a GREAT experience with the Pre in the last twenty days. The hardware seems good; I have minimal "oreo", no gaps, no major problems, no resets, etc.

    When I got back to my home, I reached for my phone and attempted to turn the screen off. The power button didn't respond. I tried several times. No change. Finally, I pulled the battery, replaced it, and tried pushing it again to turn on. Nothing.

    Looking around on PreCentral here, I saw some tips that you could jimmy the button off and modify the sensor. I had taken the back cover off previously during the day for the first time, maybe that had something to do with it. I used a screwdriver to wiggle the switch even just a little bit. I didn't even have to take it off. Bingo. Worked.

    So far, the button has worked reliably 100% of the time (10 out of 10 tries, 20 out of 20 tries). I think either the vibration of the car (I had set the phone on the center console) or my removing of the back casing and possibly not reattaching it correctly screwed with the button.

    I really don't want to replace the Pre. I hate the hassle of dealing with customer service, etc. I don't have Sprint's insurance. I feel as though the problem is fixed but should I be worried? I want a long, happy, healthy relationship with my Pre. I don't want to be someone to go through three or four phones. And I don't want a Pixi.

    Basically: am I overreacting? Is thinking about getting a replacement too much right now?

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    sprint will replace it if the power button stops working, so no, don't need to mine of ebay, no insurance, had the power button issue, got it replaced, no questions asked.
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    So unless it really becomes a problem (like no amount of screwdriver jiggling will fix it), I shouldn't worry?
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    honestly, I wouldn't even mess with it unless you are really attached to that particular phone...I would simply take it in as soon as it became a problem. I had my original pre that was from June, good build quality etc, but had the power button issue...just got the new one yesterday (refurbished, but new build date)'s much nicer, the keyboard feels better (closer to pixi), battery area is a little different (more solid)...if you mess with it and pop it out or something, you may risk sprint not replacing it.
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    My power button is going on my launch day phone.

    I ordered a new one here:

    We will see how the procss goes. I absolutely hate dealing with my local service and repair store so I hope this allows me to avoid that.
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    I'm afraid that replacing the phone would be more trouble than it's worth. Who's to say the new phone wouldn't have a slew of new problems (more oreo effect, etc)? It would probably be in the same build series as this one as I just got this one about three weeks ago. It's not that I'm attached to the phone. It's just that if this is the only issue, I'm grateful nothing else is wrong with it. I've had far worse problems happen to a phone and just sort of...dealt with it.

    It seems to be working now, though. Every press today has been recognized by the phone. Maybe if it stops again, I'll consider taking it in.


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