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    From day one I have had volume trouble with my Pre. The volume down button didn't work all the time and often when it did, it turned the volume up. Just before my 30 days from purchase were up, I had planned on taking it in for replacement (that plus four dead pixels). Unfortunately, that day the volume switch was working fine. Now I'm out of luck. I disassembled my Pre to see if there was a mechanical problem that was keeping the volume down button from working. It appears to be an electronic issue. (and I seem to have done something wrong in the reassembly part because now not only do I have an Oreo effect going on, I've added a seesaw feels pretty shoddy).
    Is there a patch that can allow me to adjust the volume up and down? It would seem simple enough to make it so that just using the touch screen for when the volume display pops up would work. I can adjust volume for most things (system sounds, ring tones, etc.) but call volume and, most importantly, music volume I can't find any alternative adjustments for. Right now, it's stuck at max volume, so using headphones without an inline volume control is dangerous. Plus, trying to watch a video without headphones results in really loud sound.
    Any suggestions?
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    I don't know why so many people are so misinformed about how long there equipment is covered. 1yr manufacture warranty take it back.
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    Yeah 30 days is just for if you want to return it and either get a refund or a different OS. 1 year is for if your phone is not working properly and its not your fault.
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    Well then, that changes things. My sales associate told me I was stuck. Thanks

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