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  • Yes..Aonic Rules!!

    94 70.15%
  • NO..but I should

    8 5.97%
  • NO...I am going to right now.

    2 1.49%
  • NO...I don't use tether and have no use for it.

    17 12.69%
  • I am Lame I'm waitting for the Fix.

    13 9.70%
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    i am so disgusted with the level of ignorance here....not everyone, but way too many.

    Hey mods take this thread down and kill it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gompers View Post
    I don't see how you can argue that a mandatory donation is not a purchase, though perhaps there is some legalese that would argue the contrary - there is a higher burden of support than when you give it away for free. Minor OS version upgrades shouldn't break your product, and if they do, there needs to be a fair amount of feedback to the community until it's fixed.

    Aionic wants his cake and to be able to eat it too with the current model.
    The only part I can disagree with is "Minor OS Version upgrade" 1.2.1 to 1.3.1 was fairly substantial if indeed there were kernel changes. They had to make adaptions to get GSM, Pixi, and CDMA versions of the phone on the same release version. It also sounds like they are taking active steps to block this tethering stuff. Not sure 100% why, when tethering was actually advertised for it.

    (See I can defend when warranted)
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    Ok enough is enough, regardless of if I am allowed or if anyone approves i'll be releasing a full free open source version no donations or payments needed. it will not be as polished as this one but I will support it when it goes down. posted in other thread but no one has read it since it is so long.
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