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    The new way that email is handled in 1.3.1 is SO BAD that I want to go back to 1.2.1. The update is no faster, I don't have to sync a yahoo calendar, and I can live without a scrubber in the music player. So I don't need 1.3.1. How do I uninstall 1.3.1 and go back to 1.2.1?
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    From a developer standpoint there are quite a few moral reasons you shouldn't revert to a previous update.

    But you can do it with an old version of the Dr. I believe Quick Install downloads an old one (don't quote me on it)
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    Doesn't the Pre automatically update it if it isn't there? Won't you have to keep uninstalling it?
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    That is the other question. Can I set the phone to NOT automatically, but manually, install any future updates. Now I feel like I want to wait out any future updates to see what problems they may create.
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    There are ways to force the Pre to not update... of course you'll start running into more and more apps that will only work with the newest OS version (like the Facebook app now). You'll also most likely be excluded from future updates of apps you already have.

    Search the forums for the scripts to kill the update daemon and you'll find detailed instructions.
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    Make sure that everything you want the phone to do from here on out is doable in 1.2.1 as it stands NOW. If so, I see no reason to ever update again from a stability standpoint. I have disabled updates from 1.3.1 up and I'm seriously considering going back to 1.2.1 because I valued the WiFi tethering more than just about anything else this phone can do short of the great web browser. My only concern right now is that there has been at least one other person on this forum who had activation problems after reverting back, and I remember how much of a pain in the *** that was. We'll see.
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    wifi tethering is very important on one of our pres (brother's)

    bc of this, I installed the updatedaemon script to block updates for him.

    to answer: just doctor your phone and search on the forums for the update block patch.

    you can run the script in webos quick install (under command line)

    or easier, if you know how to it in putty
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    Quote Originally Posted by cowgirlupkelly View Post
    Doesn't the Pre automatically update it if it isn't there? Won't you have to keep uninstalling it?
    WebOS will auto install the latest update after 10days from first notification on the device weather if the user wants to or not. Thus making backtracking not really a good idea. If there is a problem, due make sure Palm is notified of it.
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    there should be a way to disable auto update.
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    same situation here.. this BS of an update. Doctored back to 1.2.1 wifi my tether is way to important to me. After my phone updated itself without my permission I was ****ed Render me internetless at work and wow did that make for a long day.
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    Any progress with the update daemon? I webdoctored back to 1.2.1 and I can easily say that not only is 1.3.1 slower than 1.2.1, but that it isn't as stable. I haven't experienced any of the random reboots I was having before reverting. Of course, the system is threatening to update itself, and I don't want to go back to that unstable tranny mess of an upgrade. :/
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    Looks like it works. Thank you.

    From the Linux command line enter:

    cd /usr/bin
    mount -o remount,rw /
    chmod -x /usr/bin/UpdateDaemon
    killall UpdateDaemon

    Hit enter twice between each line to get me back to a root prompt.

    If you disabled your update you might want to re-enable it at some point.

    cd /usr/bin
    mount -o remount,rw /
    chmod +x UpdateDaemon
    mount -o remount,ro /

    Then restart your phone and automatic updating should be back.

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