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    I thought this was fixed already.

    I had a meeting today at 12. Got the reminder at 11:45, dismissed it and went to the meeting. Then at 12:30, another reminder for the same meeting blasting in full volume interrupting everyone in the room.

    This is what I absolutely cannot stand with this device. I can't control audio other than silencing everything and the calendar will lose events and interrupt in others. It's just erratic.
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    Why not use the slide thing at the top when you go into a meeting. I'm sorry I turn my phone off (Pre, Instinct, and all the others I've had before) when I attend a class or meeting.

    But you do have a point about it not shutting off but dismissing it (and there should be a setting on when it re-reminds you) doesn't make it go away on any of my other calendars. It just sets it to re-remind you.
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    I have noticed some problems with the events, but from what I can tell it's actually related to how I sync with Google, it worked a lot better when I put events in myself, I'm wondering if it syncs to often...

    Anyway, you can turn off sounds for reminders in the Preferences, and you can set a default reminder to be used instead, which I think fixed this problem last time I had it...
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