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    Well I've just used my Palm Pre multitasking for the first time... Its awesome !

    I was putting a few things on eBay on my laptop and using my pre to take pictures. I couldn't be bothered to go upstairs and get my lead so I was halfway through emailing myself the pictures and I realised I had forgot to take one.. Simple.. just flick out of the email, load up the camera.. take the pic and drop back in the email.. attach the new picture and away it went !!!! How good is that :-)

    Apple better watch out.. there's a smarter smartphone about !

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    Thats for sure! I had an iphone, but i've sold it since i got the pre!
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    yeah, I've owned an iPhone since launch but can't wait to get my hands on a Pre tomorrow!!
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    best move I made m8.. ok I know the app support is a bit poor at the mo but it can only get better :-)
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    And this IS why this device rocks. Your example is good. I often call family in Greece using SkypeToGo but I haven't saved all numbers as speed dials on my account. So I have found myself flicking between the dial app and the contacts app inputing the number.

    Also while on call I have sent emails to the person on the other side of the line etc etc

    We all multitask in real life, like we multitask with a PC. It is very nice to have this freedom =)

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    I agree! I got a good example. For work I have to use navigation every day and for two years I used the iPhone. Of course for two years I had to use google maps which is not as good as turn by turn directions but even with turn by turn directions once I was in route I couldn't use email, sms, browser, or chat because I would have to exit the turn by turn directions and start over. With the Pre I can just minimize the navigation card and respond to emails or look at work notes or anything then easily return to the navigation card wile listening to the music app. I love multitasking and though I want the Pre to have way more features I really couldn't go to any other smartphone OS without the multitasking that the Pre has. Android multitasks but not as easily or as efficient as the WebOS cards.
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    My pre arrived in the Mail yesterday.

    I initially had some problems with the rebel sim, I had to put it into another phone, changed it to mode 1 and it works great!

    I agree multitasking is sooooo great! Though I have to say I am waiting for 1.3.1 (should come in a day or two?), so I can purchase classic and put my palm os apps on it.

    I have yet to purchase a touchstone - the flap is REALLY annoying.

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