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    Once I've updated my Palm Pre to WebOS 1.3.1, I am no longer able to turn it off. Once I long press the power button, I get the menu of 'Airplane Mode' 'Power' and 'Cancel', I press 'Power' than I get into that sub menu... Once I'm there I can't do anything but 'Camcel', if I press 'Restart' or "shutdown' the button responds but does nothing. Please help how can I reboot my device without having to remove the battery. By the way I have Preware installed and a couple of patches...
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    Did you remove the patches before you updated to 1.3.1? I've heard that causes major issues.
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    If you just need to restart the easiest way is to Press Orange + Sym + R.

    I'm not sure what's up with the shutdown not working, sounds like either something conflicted or it didn't install properly.
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    Nope... But I ran patch remover once I've updated and everything else seems to be working fine.

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