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    I read some of the reviews for the battery and they all look promising, though some have reported the flash on their phone not working properly because of the new back cover. I figured I would post the question in here where more people might see it so I can find out if this is a common side effect or just isolated incidents. Do people with this new battery all have problems with the flash or are there only select a few out there? Thank you!
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    I like the life this battery gives my phone. The phone looks nicer with the OEM sleeker back, but feels better in the hand with the expanded back. You can seriously work the phone hard and still last the day (Disclaimer: I don't know just how hard you might work the phone to make this statement a lie). There were troubles with the original back cover they were shipping in regards to the flash. They fixed this a long time ago. The only way you could get one that might cause a problem is if they had it sitting on the shelf for a LONG time. If that is the case, you contact the company and they will ship you out a replacement.

    I don't work for them. I just own one and like it. I also bought the case they made to fit the extra size.

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    Not sure if you read my review in the Accessories section or not, but I was, and still am extremely happy with mine.

    In the mean time, I almost completely sure that you will get the new back cover which solved the flash problem. I don't know how I would make it through the day now without this battery! I don't work for them either, but I highly recommend it, and from what I have heard, even if you do have problems, their customer support is very good.
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    Going on 3 weeks with extended battery ... Pre not nearly as "sexy" but the additional battery life far outweighs the aesthetics (for me). Moderate to heavy user. New shipments come with corrected cover so flash no longer an issue. Also on the plus side -typing seems easier with the "fatter" backside improving the grip and phone can now rest on its side for standalone video viewing/alarm clock use.
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    I hated the battery life on the Palm Pre til I got the Seido 2600 battery...It's like night and day...I just love this battery...I'm a very heavy user and it last me the whole day (heavy use daily 11am-2:30am with 30%-45% left...light use last me about 1 1/2-2 days)...Plus I recommend you to buy the Seido exteneded case...Well worth it!!!
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    I'm glad to hear the news about the new cover fixing the flash problem, that was my only concern about getting this battery. I think I'll get this after some dough from my seasonal work starts rolling in! Thanks for the information guys.
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    I used my pre since launch day and bought the seido battery about a week and a half ago. I wish I bought it sooner.
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    one word.... " perfect "
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    if only they would make it work with the touchstone charger then it would be perfect.
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    I bought a cheap 2250 battery for 22 bucks off ebay from a U.S. seller and the battery life is awesome, easily double stock. I do not like the size though

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