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    since the update my pre gets painfully laggy at times. I've also noticed that it tells me I have to many cards open when there is only 1 or 2. I'll tap an app to open it and it'll show that it registered but then just sit there. When I flick a card away it will hang halfway off the screen. Kinda sucks.
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    Have you checked see if your Yahoo contacts are synced, this caused major issues with mine. Once I unsynced them it was back to normal. Also, are running any homebrew stuff?
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    It's not a problem with the update, it's most likely an end-user problem considering most people have had a great experience.

    If you didn't uninstall all patches before you updated that'd be the problem, just Dr. your phone.

    Otherwise try a restart, or a battery pull. Also keep an eye on if it speeds up first and then slows down after you open and close an app.

    DSPKweb has a point, if you phone is syncing calendar items or emails it would explain the slowdown, you'll just have to be patient, it'll speed it up if you connect to wifi or are in a strong EVDO signal area.
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    most likely you have a memory leak of some sort . Do you have preware if so something you loaded has a memory leak . If your running a stock pre you need preware it has the fix to help stop the to many card errors.
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    I did a complete wipe and installed preware, and my Pre is rocking much faster than ever before.
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    I don't have yahoo contacts synced. Just the messenger. I've already doctored once since this update because the yahoo messenger never showed as an option after updating the first time. Most of the things I was patching were fixed with this update so now the only homebrew stuff I have are the various toggles like data, roaming ect. I have reset but I'll try a battery pull. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    most likely you have a memory leak of some sort . Do you have preware if so something you loaded has a memory leak . If your running a stock pre you need preware it has the fix to help stop the to many card errors.
    It's funny how that works. If you have Preware it's a memory leak, if you don't then get Preware to fix it.
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    I didn't reinstall preware after doctoring my pre. Just having it on my pre will help speed it up or is it something I need to get from preware? If so what is it that I need? Thanks.
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    I thought it was just me, I've had bouts of laggyness (is that a word?) but now it gets very bad from time to time. I will unsync my yahoo contacts to see what happens. I don't have any hacks or homebrew apps.

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    I'm having lag issues as well
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    same here, no preware or any other home brew stuff! No Yahoo, i have gotten 2 shut downs today when just sitting there in my truck i went to puck it up & it was off! I have had the "too many cards" appear with 1 open! i have had it happen 4-5x since the update but only 1x before the update & that was with multiple cards open! There is something wrong with the update or maybe how 1 partucular app from palms app catalog acts or rather reacts with this update!
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    I have noticed the same thing since the update.
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    mine is super laggy now too
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    +1 on sporadic lag here, plus after updating to 1.3.1 my phone restarts itself when watching movies on YouTube. It doesn't matter how many other cards I have open at the time. The movie will play fine for a few minutes and then the whole phone will freeze for about 15 seconds and then reboot. I have no tweaks / patches installed.

    I'm not too worried about it though since my Hero arrives today.

    - Tate
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    Mine is a little laggy at times but not any worse than with 1.2.1 update. I think it's that we get used to the speed and then over time, it starts feeling slow (er) because we have gotten proficient with our needs on the phone.

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