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    When I originally got my Pre I could load up multiple web pages at the same time, come back to the web page later, and it would be 100% loaded.

    Now with my Pre, I can not even seem to manage to load up 2 web pages. Or keep an email loaded and a webpage. When I say loaded I mean it does not have to "reload"

    It seems now that if one page is loading, the other webpage is unloading, so I go back to an original webpage, and it has to reload. The pre did not used to do this, I used to be able to read an email, go to one web page that was fully loaded, swipe to another webpage that was fully loaded, then go back to my email, all of which stayed fully loaded, they ran in the background just like I left them.

    Now in that sequence, 2 webpages and email, it reloads one of the web pages, or reloads the email, or reloads each card, each time I swipe to make it an 'active' card.

    Thoughts? Experience? Suggestions?

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    I'd say get an iphone. It multitasks those things fine. :P
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    I am confuzzled. Just restart your phone - it fixes everything - if not, get an iPhone.
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    lol, the pre can as well. The iphone used to have to reload just like I am describing, I had it, that is what attracted me to the pre so much, and just having multiple apps running.

    The iphone was great, just like having different gadgets, and kinda root for the underdog. The iphone was the underdog when I got it.

    What I am saying, is that my pre did do this at one time, I know it can do it and DID do it. I thought maybe some other people noticed/experienced this change. Maybe it was a change in webos at some point?

    Note: I do not want to get a new phone.

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    I've noticed the change too. I think they changed it to keep the web browser from gobbling up all the memory. Wherever the memory leak is in the browser, it must be hard to fix. This method strikes me as a band-aid.
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    I noticed the same thing. If I have multiple cards open and switch from say "texting", to an open website card, it will have to reload the site. Freakin' annoying!
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    I too have noticed this, but don't really remember it not working this way.

    I believe it's to conserve memory, if your not looking at it why does it have to load? Personally I think it should maintain the page source and just redraw everything once you've viewed the card again. There might be a slight lag, but it won't refresh the page, it'll just redraw it.

    I don't suspect this to be a problem easily solved by a patch, we'll have to hope Palm spends plenty of time on the browser for the flash release.
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    I'm not seeing this. I have Full Facebook site open, my email open (reading an email from Outlook), open on another card and on another card and I just opened Infopedia on a fifth card. Regardless of which card I go bring to the front, none of them reload and I can browse through each one w/o it automatically reloading?

    I do have the "lower threshold" patch on my Pre so I don't know if that is making a difference?
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    I'm not seeing this either. It must be a memory recovery thing, and it only kicks in when it's lacking memory for the current process. I have several webpages currently open and my email and i can swap between them no problem. None of the webpage are real big though and the only other apps open are Email, Text, and Memos.
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    hmm.... well I just restarted my phone, and now I can load up the web pages like normal, weird, for the record I hope they keep it this way, this is what attracted me to the pre so much, a true multi-tasking phone.

    I guess I just need to restart my phone everyday.

    Is there an app for that? restart phone everyday at a certain time.

    Funny, I read that webos gets MORE efficient the longer its been on, lol.

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