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    If I an currently running on webOS 1.2.1
    Can I foward text messaging?
    If so, HOW....I don't see anything that says foward message or something.

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    You can't under that ... upgrade to 1.3.1 and you can.
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    You can, but the only way you can forward via 1.2.1 is via a patch.
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    How and where do I upgrade.
    Also, will anything else be affected?
    I'm kind of used to the way everything is on my phone
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    Do you have any patches? If so I think you need to remove them.

    You can do updates from your launcher in UPDATES.
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    OK, sorry for the noob question....
    But what are patches
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    I'm a noob too and I didn't have any. They are the things that people created and you download to make certian functions happen etc? Apparently those need to be removed before you update.
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    So I have to remove FileCoaster?

    What about the stuff I downloaded from filecoaster.
    Like that digital clock and checkers
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    You obviously don't have patches, and you don't need to uninstall homebrew apps; you should update to 1.3.1

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