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    Hope someone could help. I upgraded to 1.3.1 but forgot to remove some patches,etc so I decide to Doctor my Pre to 1.3.1, finish and everything was workin ok until I decide to send my wife a message. I found out that I can send SMS but my gtalk account is not able to login. I try removing adding it again without any luck,it still cant login, at the moment it still trying to login but it has been like 15 minutes so far without any luck, any1 have an idea why is this happening?

    BTW my phone at the moment is virgin, I havent installed a patch or application

    Thanks in advanced for any help
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    anyone? I still cant sign in,
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    before you doctored did you have messaging plugin installed at ANY point?
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    yes I have
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    me neither.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lordtinuviel View Post
    yes I have
    You might want to check this thread.
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