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    Any way to have different tones for the SMS notification and the email notification?

    Any solution would be great, even techie ones.

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    Homebrew - Patches SMS Tone Per Contact. Different tones for Alerts, Notifications, and SMS Messages, and for that matter every contact can have a different SMS Tone. You can install via Preware or WebOS Quick Installer I believe.
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    You can set an SMS tone in the SMS app now. But I would definitely recommend loading the SMS Tone Per Contact patch as SirWill mentioned.
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    Ok. I loaded the patch. So am I correct in saying that the Messages tone is for just SMS and MMS and the notifications is for emails and other app's notifications (such as tweed)?
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    Yes. The messages tone will be for SMS / MMS and the notifications will be for emails. For example, I hear the notification sound when I get mail, lose data connection, plug the phone in to charge. Once I loaded the Silence Charging Alert, I only hear my notification sound on emails and loss of data connection.

    Plus, with the SMS Tone Per Contact you can do into individual contacts and set their message tones. For instance, I set a different tone for my wife so I know when it's her SMS'ing me and not a Facebook update.
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    we need a different patch like sms ringtone for sms open or close card !
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    anyone know why I can't find this app on preware or filecoaster?

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