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    Hi all,

    I've been noticing lately that my pre sometimes loses network time. I dismiss the warnings as I can't see there's a lot i can do. Anyway, after the last one the pre complained that it couldn't connect to the palm profile and demanded to be reset. I did it. It complained the same thing again. I reset again. This time however the phone set itself back to factory settings!!

    I was able to go to my palm profile and restore the backup data but I found some weird stuff: none of my text conversations nor my call history were backed up. I can live with that,

    but here's the BIG problem: the data was restored with all the tweaks and patches intact. I reloaded Preware, but it has no record of any tweaks. What I'm worried about now is the impending 1.3 update -- I'm not going to be able to uninstall the patches in order to update.

    What can I do? Help!
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    If I were you, I'd back all the data up and doctor it back to factory
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    sorry for the stupid question but where do i get the webos doctor for 1.1.3?

    i seem to recall it being there when i logged into my palm profile to update some details a few weeks ago, but i can't find it anywhere now
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    oh... it's ok... i found a copy at webos internals
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    I had to hold the volume up button and boot the phone to get my pc to connect to it, just a tip if you get the same issue.

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