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    Hey all,

    Just curious to know if you can get the home screen to show without having to close all the other background programs.

    i can't figure out how to do seems like there if a program is open, then a program must be on the screen.

    thanks in advance.
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    There is currently no way to completely minimize app cards so that they are not visible but still running.
    The closest you can get is to hold down on a card while in card view until all open cards reduce to a minimum size.
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    hmm..that kinda sucks...i know its pointless, but i kind of like to have the just the homescreen open sometimes..
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    If the cards for running apps disappear then you would have the same crazy multitasking headaches you get with Android.
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    What are you trying to do? The Pre has no "home screen."

    By "home screen," are you talking about seeing just your wallpaper? If so, then, no, you cannot hide the cards to see the wallpaper. I appreciate that if you're using something like Weatherman, that's a bummer. But this is the reason that apps like Active Home Screen are best left as cards.

    If you like looking at your wallpaper, then you can use the Photos app.

    If you're talking about the launcher, then, yes. You can bring up the launcher and it will cover whatever you might have running.

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