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    hey all,

    just got my pre today and so far im really liking it.

    my only complaint so far is...the slider doesn't seem as flawless to open as i thought. u really need to grab it at the right spot to slide it up and theres alot of negative force too...

    anyone else experience this? will this go away with daily use?
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    Dont use the screen to slide it open. Use the sides.

    Using the screen may cause the phone to attain a wobble, or cracked screen spider-webbing from the "home" button.
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    defeats the purpose of one handed useage?

    maybe im not holding it right?
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    A little bit defeats the purpose, yes; but safer.
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    1. It'll get easier with time.
    2. Definitely press further up the screen. If you do it from anywhere near
    the bottom, it will twist the top half of the phone relative to the bottom
    which makes it bind, and accelerates wear. If you press anywhere
    from just below halfway and above, it'll slide open easily.
    And yes I use the phone one handed all the time.

    A screen protector is a good idea too.

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    Some slide easier than others, my first phone slid like it was on ice and felt great. My current phone is like playdough mixed with sand

    Might try the display model and see if its different, or better yet ask to sprint for one to compare yours to.

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