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    Mine is working well too. Do I need to replace it?
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    I'm happy for you. Mine works for crap now. I can't wait for the next firmware update. Maybe it will be buggy enough to actually result in a replacement. Then I'll do my best to get a different phone. Someone can have a great deal on 3 Touchstone chargers if that happens.
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    I'll take 'em!

    My Pre runs great and I love the OS.
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    Everything is great here. Scrolling through the app launcher is very smooth. Everything is snappy and I am very happy. Web browsing is faster for me.

    I do have the "Too Many Cards" patches installed so I don't know if they made a difference.
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    im happy now...
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    I'm a 6/6/09 purchaser as well....just one phone....and really enjoy it. I had my first issue when my phone froze on loading 1.3.1 and had to run webos doctor (by the way, no patches, homebrews, or anything like that on my phone) and after a couple of glitches got everything back up and running and once again enjoying my phone.
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    Not trying to rub it in anyones face, but I have yet to encounter a problem with my pre...

    1.3.1 has me faster than ever...

    Once we get video recording and flash this will be the best phone on the market..

    For me anyway...

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