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    i updated my phone and now my patches dont work.. it wont let me download anything either.. does anyone have any advice for me?
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    did you remove your patches before you updated?
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    no... i didnt know i had to
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    run the EPR!
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    If Preware is still loaded, you can download a temporary app that will remove all tweaks and straighten you out.

    Open Preware > Available Packages > Linux Application > All > Emergency Patch Recovery

    *Make sure to remove after it has done its job*

    Restart your phone and your good to go!
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    what is that lol
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    if you had patches on there before you probably used Preware, no?
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    Did you install patches via Quick Install?
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    Commence flailing!!!!
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    rut rows
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    i installed it and nothing changed.. do i need to re start my phone or somethin?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lunchbox175 View Post
    i installed it and nothing changed.. do i need to re start my phone or somethin?
    you installed what?

    you have to be specific with problems like these.
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    yes. now what did you install?

    Sorry Chud. Posted at the same time lol
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    my small icons are not there and my battery per cent isnt there either... it still wont let me install any patched it shows error installing see IPKG log.. i have not freaking clue how to fix it.. i tried the ERP..
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    Restart Luna...
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    You may additionally need to update the Package Manager Service, and then Preware.
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    how do you do that?
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    Do what? lol Be Specific.
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    lol im bad at this kind of stuff.. how do i restart everything.. the package manager service and preware.. i wish i could have you just do it for me
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    haha. I will be here to walk you through it.

    Lets start from the beginning, is Preware installed?
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