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    I just had the exact same problem and it was because I had the roaming toggle on and it would not download while it was roaming as soon as a stoppped roaming it was fine. Mine also said see ipkg log.
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    Update your feeds using the top left drop down.
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    yes it is.. my games still work that i downloaded from preware
    just the patches dont
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    Does that mean you updated the feeds?
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    Ur confusing you do have roaming toggle on?
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    doesnt it update when you open preware?
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    Sometimes. Do it like I said to be sure.
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    whats roaming toggle?... dude im retarted when it comes to eletronics... sorry if im making you mad or something
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    Next, hit "List of Everything" > Type: Luna Manager > Download.

    Then, "List of Everything" > Type: Emergency Patch Recovery > Install > Remove > Run the new Luna Manager app and hit "Restart Luna."

    Don't worry about the Roaming Toggle. Not Applicable.
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    No im not mad roaming toggle is a app to make you roam on demand. Like at my house I have no sprint service but I have full bars when I roam but I can never get it to raom so by adding that app I can make it roam myslef and I have good service! Very useful if your in a place with no service and you can turn it off and on!
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    Is it safe to assume Lunchbox175 that your good to go?
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    Quote Originally Posted by soccerpathic View Post
    Is it safe to assume Lunchbox175 that your good to go?
    I applaud your infinite patience soccerpathic.

    If you're "retarted when it comes to eletronics", it's probably best to not install patches. I'm just sayin...
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    Thank you It is kind of awkward waiting 20 minutes to see if a Pre is back in working order
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    it wont let me install the epr.. it says error.. im just going to go to bed.. ill mess with it some more tomr.. thank you for your help.. if you have anymore ideas just let me know..
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    Goodness gracious. I will Pm you a complete set of steps ok?
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    you can fix it like this

    1\ ERP all your patchs just use preware or quickinstall
    2\ install terminal and terminal plus from preware or quickinstall
    3\ run the terminal ,then type:cd /var/usr/palm/applications
    4\ delete the patchs that you hate.

    ok ,then you can install all the patchs as you like .

    just do it! best wishes!
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    Thats what we have been trying to get him to do silly ^ And how is a "Electronic ******" going to use a terminal?
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    well it works now.. thank you horran3.. and you too soccerpathic.. the only thing that isnt workin is the virtual keyboard.. lol it installs and does its luna restart but nothing when i double tap the little area.. im not having good luck these days.. i used it before but then i havent since it got updated the other day and i wanted to see if it was any better.. oh well
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    Quote Originally Posted by soccerpathic View Post
    haha. I will be here to walk you through it.

    Lets start from the beginning, is Preware installed?
    You sure you don't want to start with "Turn your device on..."?
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