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    My wife's pre is having issues. Since this afternoon on her 1.3.1 Pre she will be typing in her messaging app and at random she will be typing then 30 or so letters pop up on the screen. Sometimes it's spaces on the screen but she has to delete them all. I did EPR and removed all her patches and it is still happening. She has nothing done other than preware, a few simple patches and a theme, all have been removed and all were not causing a problem before.

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    i would just wait a day or so and use webos recovery utility to fix it or i hear that the new web doctor leaves personal info alone now so you might be able to do that real quick to fix. just look for the info in the forum . if i find it again i will post the link hear ok.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Are some of the keys sticking perhaps? Did she happen to get it near water, soda, hair spray or go for a run with it in her pocket?

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