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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    I would like to apologize, I mis-read you Question. A troll you are not.

    not a problem. actually, it's perfectly understandable. reading other people's tones through type is not always easy, i was pretty excited with my first post, because my S/O finally upgraded her phone and got herself the Pre, so I've been buried in this forum for days now looking for new ways to make this phone sing.

    Quote Originally Posted by playdrv4me View Post
    OLED keyboard? Please for the love of God no... I never want to go back to anything but actual buttons again.

    I'm with you on this, tactile feel is important

    so, why can't we have both?

    it's doable, and being able to change the layout would be fantastic. think of the reduced battery consumption, overall size and weight of the device -- amazing things are possible.

    i think palm is hungry, that's why they came out of the corner swinging hard... if they maintain and manage to increase this momentum while holding onto the simplicity that made them great the first time around, they have a huge opportunity to take the mobile device crown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheQuestion View Post
    OLED keyboard: make it so the layout can be changed, different languages, QWERTY, DVORAK.. whatever.

    hi res OLED screen: this would reduce overall bulkiness of the device making it sleeker and more attractive and improve battery life

    more advanced camera with focus: no need to reinvent the wheel here, why not license some tech from Canon or Nikon?

    media management: itunes is bloated and over rated, why not make this device more friendly to songbird or winamp?
    All of the above would raise the price by a lot. It won't be $100 dollars anymore, and therefore not compete with the iphone at all.

    Also, more people use iTunes than Songbird, so if you have to support one, then it may as well be iTunes.
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