hey there,

i just got my first bill (GSM pre O2 germany) and every sms seems to have been sent twice (some even thrice)

while that might not be a problem for you US guys because u usually do not pay for every sms you send, in germany we DO pay for every single sms

the weird thing is, none of my sms are longer than 160 letters AND the receivers do not get the 2 sms - they get 1 sms from me
on my bill, it looks like the pre sends out the 2nd sms 4 seconds after the first one - for EVERY sms i sent last month

O2 says, that has got to be a problem with my phone and they even told me i was to stupid to see that all my sms had more than 160 letters (not even a SINGLE one of my sms had more than 100letters, i still save all of them)

this problems seems to have happened since day 1 i got my phone and has not changed since - i've not installed any patches at all, only preware and some apps (but i installed those maybe 5 days after i sent my first some sms)

any suggestions why my pre somehow cuts every sms in half or something?