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    This issue really needs to be fixed and drives me crazy. Please keep this thread going with possible fixes. i tried everything here and still tones get cut off via patch or using txt manager app.
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    Seems to be resolved with 1.3.5, no?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilenkoD View Post
    Seems to be resolved with 1.3.5, no?
    Nope..just tried with still the same
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    1.3.5 fixed the problem for me. Try deleting your ringtones from your PrPrPr&#$275$; $and$ $reinstalling$ $the$ $copies$ $on$ $your$ $hard$ $drive$.
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    I never had this issues but all my alert/message/notification tones are 2-3 secs. Just tested playing a full length ring tone as a messaging tone and it plays the entire ring tone. The only problem I have had with tones was they would become quiet after an update and had to be reloaded for some reason to bring them back to the original volume.
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    well I'm not gonna repeat myself considering everyone has the same issue as me...But I am however gonna ***** at Palm for having to have all Palm Users to upgrade their software only to make things worse. I rely heavily on ringtones being able to tell whose calling from a a different caller. And I especially like to hear my custom made ringtones I make when I use it as my sms ringtone...Palm makes a great phone only to lack the ability to fix a problem when a majority of Palm users have complained about the issue. Do I need to hold a sign an stand in front of a building and demand it fixed or wat?

    On a lighter note....I love my palm's the best thing since bread(is that the correct saying?, I shall live with the 5 seconds of sms ringtone on the Pre....this forum kicks asss. So informative. Especially to a newbie Palm Pre user like moi!
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    Same problem here. I have customized tones created through Audacity. I have assigned certain clips to a ringtone AND an SMS tone. The entire clip plays as a ringtone but get cut short when coming through as an SMS tone. Problem for me started after the update. I'm just hopeful that this will get fixed after the next update.
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    Any updates on this? Im in the UK and this is happening to me too.

    I have tried the 3 second silence at the end of MP3 with Audacity but it still doesn't work.

    Really annoying....please fix Palm

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    I come from a long line of blackberry use and guess I'm used to their method of things. When a full song is picked to play for a ringtone or a text message the full song plays. With my pre that has never been the case. My ring tones have always only played the first few seconds and now with the introduction of text message sounds it the same only shorter. I'm on my second pre because of a blown speaker so I know it isn't simply my phone.
    I'd like to know if there is something I can do to change this because it drives me a little crazy. I have loaded whole songs on, I have created my own ring tones there has been no change.
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