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    My phone is getting worse by the day. The battery door cover came off yesterday, the power button works intermittently, the gap between the screen section and the body section is pretty wide, and the gesture area sometimes stop responding (the LED lights stay on, and when I try to bring up the menu, or close cards or something they won't leave the screen).

    I'm just wondering if Sprint would give me a replacement for this. It's getting pretty ridiculous.
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    I have the same stuff going on except the LED and went to the Sprint Repair Center yesterday, what they had told me is its "cosmetic" and my phone still works.
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    Palm Support : Palm Pre Sprint - In-warranty repair services (US & Canada)

    Some users have reported luck going this route...
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    email and you will get results I had the same "cosmetic damage" the damn USB door fell off and cracks!...SHe did suggest when opening the port to make sure phone is SLID OPEN prior to opening port etc...
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    the power button on my phone stopped working (completely) is still otherwise fully functional...took it to sprint store, no questions just ordered me a replacement saying they had no fix for it.

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