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    has anyone had this problem after the 1.31 update?

    everything works perfectly. it only occurs when the screen decides to go to sleep by itself (hence i dont press the power button)

    when i wake it up the locked screen with the yellow ball comes on, but i cant touch it. it wont respond. the only way to unlock the screen is to slide the phone up, but then i get what i had before the phone went to sleep but the screen nor the touch strip will respond to my touch commands... the kyboard works fine! but the screen wont budge.

    so the only solution when this happens is for me to have to unlock the phone by sliding it up, then force it to go to sleep (with the power button) and then slide the phone down.

    when i press the power button again, THEN the screen becomes responsive....

    this is FREAKING ANNOYING!!!! has anyone come across this?

    btw i reflashed the whole phone when doing the 1.3.1 update since the doctor app wasnt working correctly, so i dont mind having to redo my contacts, but this bug is killing me. so i know its not because of a patch that i did when i had 1.2

    any ideas?!?!?!?!
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    I suggest calling Palm.
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    any way to downgrade back from 1.3.1???? where can i download the file?
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    You can use the 1.2.1 Dr ~ However, this is not advised. Palm may void your warranty.

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