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    So last night I put my Pre on the touchstone like I do every night. It said it was charging, and I went to sleep. When I got up, I noticed that the screen showed a waiting message, but then it also show an alert from messenger telling me to re-enter my password for my yahoo account. I took it off the touchstone. Here is where it gets interesting. The screen stayed looking like it was on the touchstone even though it wasn't on it. I unlocked the screen just fine, cleared the alerts, and then noticed that the battery indicator showed it was only at 50% (It started in the low 40% range when I put it on the touchstone). This is where it get's even stranger. It showed it was still charging! I put it on the touchstone it didn't change, took it off the touchstone didn't change, plugged it directly in to the usb charger cable didn't change, disconnected didn't change. Restarted Luna, no change. Rebooted the phone and it works again.

    While it was in the thinking it was charging but wasn't charging, I could hit the power button with it off the touchstone, and the screen would go to the touchstone scene with the time and the lock icon.

    I just have never seen it do this until the 1.3.1 update and the yahoo messenger notification to enter the password. I've occasionally had the touchstone charging problem where it goes back and forth charging until I slightly reposition the phone. But this, this is different to me.

    Anyone else see this?
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    I had this type of issue a few times in previous WebOS versions. I was using the Seidio Innocase which seemed to be my problem. I think because the phone is held as tightly to the TS with this backing, it would gradually slide off while I received notifications overnight that would vibrate the phone. A reboot always seemed to fix the "charging" state. Since a stopped using the Innocase about a month ago, I have not had this problem.
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    Strange.. I have the Innocase and TS and not 1 issue. Only time I ever had charging problems was from a bad touch stone (swapping it out at the store fixed that right up) and also when I was using the charger from my v950... phone would show it was charging/charged and when I would pull the plug from the phone it would go right to the black screen with the big battery showing it was dead.

    I would maybe try a soft reset of the phone and see if that does anything (press and hold the power button and at the same time move the mute switch right next to the power button back and forth (on and off or off and on) 3 times.
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    I too have had this happen to my twice since 1.3.1. A soft reset fixed it for me.
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    I don't have a Touchstone (yet?) but am have noticed that charging time has slowed down tremendously. Even with it plugged in all night it doesn't reach 100% by morning. That problem is new to me as of 1.3.1

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