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    now this is my first post, but I've been following this board for sometime now as I await my upgrade.
    Although its been filled with a lot of whining and complaining lately, it still has me lusting for the pre. (so ready to dump this 755p!)
    The things that this phone does just seems to be exactly what I need, because I often find myself trying to text, surf the web, listen to music.etc all at once on my treo. And yea it sucks!! I can deal with the hardware issues, I mean hey that's why we have insurance right?!
    so save me preee!!
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    My first impression about Pre was a disappointment, really.
    After a while, however, my feelings started to change.
    See, I believe my initial expectations were out of the any proportion. Out of the planet would be more accurate characterization.
    Now, really using the phone, I like it more by the minute.
    Some annoying details still are ... well, annoying me. These inefficacies or outright defects are said to be more or less rectified in webOS 1.3.1 update.
    When the update for this GSM Pre eventually comes I believe I will be happy as a clown!
    Hoping this to happen, anyways.
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    The update came and App Catalogue went...
    So, I am not happy as a clown, although some details were fixed I was waiting for.
    App Catalogue disappearing, that one I didn't expect!
    Hope App Catalogue reappears soon, THEN I reconsider being happy as a clown, not being one for Palm.
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    The correct term for complaining about Palm has been changed to "whinging" btw (search if ur curious.) I like the Pre; it meets my needs...barely. But for the price/plan its a fair deal imo. What I don't understand is the way Palm conducts itself sometimes, but it makes for interesting reading.
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    I also find most of these threads interesting and good reads!

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