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    Has anybody else experienced this? I'm not sure if it occurred before the 1.3 update, but I just noticed it last night and it's quite annoying.

    If I am online for instant messages (AIM, Yahoo, Google), and I tap a buddy that is online in the messaging app to chat with them, most of the time it defaults to sending them a SMS message instead. Definitely not the proper behavior. I've sent a few messages already that I thought I was chatting online and it went to SMS instead.

    Anybody else seen this? Is there a fix?

    One thing I may need to try when I get home, is I did disable data, so that my wifi would stay on when the phone went idle. Perhaps the messaging app sees this and automatically chooses SMS? Still not a great solution. I'd prefer an error on send than assuming I want to use SMS when I am clearly online and clearly starting a conversation with somebody else who is online.
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    Turn "data" back on & see if that works. Maybe the I'm part of the app only sends IM's over the EV. I don't see why it wouldn't send over Wifi, but ya never know with Palm.
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    Just did that experiment. Still have the problem. What a dumb behavior.
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    I have the same issue but I did not disable anything. It's annoying but I always thought it was just programmed that way.
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    I guess I'll finally create an account on the palm forums and see if I can get some attention to this.

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